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My name is Bre and I am your resident organization guru and creative ninjaneer. I started The Hello Mamma as a way to keep myself organized. I was able to have a place to put down all my thoughts, my feelings, concerns, and ideas. So, basically, it was purely selfish. But, over time it has grown into so much more. Once I realized I had a handle on myself and my life, I noticed how much I loved the process. Getting to where I am now didn’t feel exhausting or silly or time consuming. It was fun and I was so much happier for it.

That’s when it hit me. I wanted to share this. I wanted to share this skill and passion with the ones who need the help. I love stretching my creative muscles and I will contain to have a passion for every aspect of The Hello Mamma. Don’t take my word for it though. Take a peek around! If you use the menu about, you will see that the site is divided into some easy categories for you! Organization for the ones who want to get a handle on their lives – or keep it organized! Health for everyone who wants a new and cleaner lifestyle. I also have my family section. There you will find great tips about kids, keeping your household organized, and you will also find my Dose of Disney project.

Again, I am so glad you are here, enjoy!


Chase your dreams…in heels of course.

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    1. Hi Sharon!! Thanks so much. To subscribe all you have to do is go to the right bar on this page and enter your email! Don’t forget to check your email and click Confirm Subscription. Please feel free to email me with any templates you would like to see me post about!

      Thanks again!

  1. I am interested in getting your basic Teal Package as a gift for my twin grand daughters. They are about to graduate college and I would love for them to have professional resumes to enter the job market with. I know you said to email you with questions, but I was hoping I could just leave a comment. Do you offer any sort of discount if I were to buy two of the packages?

    1. Carolina-

      I appreciate you leaving the comment! This is great to have out in case anyone else has the same thoughts. I do offer two different discounts for this. One is 25% for buying two or more packages together. The other would be the “gifting” discount which is a 15% discount. Email me so I can give you the codes for those, and we can get your grand-daughters started in the job market!!


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