Commercials Workout

Commercials Workout

I am so proud of you guys for sticking to this and really working it out. I don’t about you, but I feel healthier and happier!Today I am releasing a workout for something a little different! If you have cable, you probably run into those annoying little pests that we call commercials.

Well, i’m here to turn that frustration into fitness! It’s pretty simple to follow. Each type of commercial has a different move to it. Similar to how different events in movies had one.

Doing the workouts? Here are some basic tips to maximize your workout!

1. Drink more water on workout days.
2. Banish any foods that are high in salt.
3. Stretch before AND after any workout.
4. Eat a banana or granola before a workout.
5. Drink a protein shake or eat fruit after a workout.

Here are some great supplies to get you started on your journey!
1. Yoga Mat
2. 20-Pound Dumbbell Set
3. Insulated Water Bottle
4. Morefit Fitness Tracker
5. Fitbit Flex 2
6. Fitbit Smart Fitness Watch

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