Ever find yourself in the front of a line for a purchase and suddenly the dreaded thought pops in your head. “Do I have enough in my account to cover this?” Now that bank apps are out, we often rely on technology to just keep track of everything. But there are many reasons why this may not work for you.

A few things you can do to keep your account in check:
1. Budget it out! At the beginning of the month (or before) look at your budget. It’s best to do this after you have tracked your spending for at least a month. That way you see where the money is going so you know what allot for. Then take your income(s) and then budget for your expenses. Always allow a portion of your income to go into savings, even if it’s just $5! (I do $25 every two weeks plus any unexpected income)

2. Avoid impulse buying. (that’s a hard one, trust me, I know!) Stick to a strict shopping list when you’re at the grocery store. Going to the mall? Only go in the stores you came fore!

3. Keep a record of purchases, and balance that checkbook! I have made an easy to use template for keep whatever accounts you have balanced! There is also an area on the top right corner to specify which account the sheet is for!

Never balanced a checkbook before? It’s simple:
1. Use the check register template I available to download above.
2. Start by recording current balance (use an app or a website linked to your account) and mark the date.
3. Record ALL of your transactions, income and expenses, then put the balance your account amounts to.
4. Make sure you label/describe those transactions!
5. Check in with your actual bank frequently so you can notice and fix any discrepancies.

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Hopefully with these tips you will be able to shop with 100% confidence!!!