Halloween is an exciting time for almost everyone!

As parents it can be pretty stressful for us, though. But we don’t have to let it be!

We can all agree that when it comes to Halloween, “last minute” can be the true stuff of nightmares. The best way to ensure a fun and safe Halloween for everyone is to plan it out! You don’t need a ton of time to plan, but giving yourself at least a month can make it so everything goes smoothly. But, given that Halloween is a little over a week away here are some great tips to get the best bang for the holiday.

Step 1: Plan out your costumes! By now the Halloween Stores are probably pretty barren. So you’re best bet now, is a DIY costume! The great thing about these is that you can either hand make a costume for way cheaper, or you can recycle clothing you all already have! I put together a pinterest board of awesome DIY costumes for every member of the family! DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Step 2: Plan out the trick-or-treating route It my firm belief that the best way to keep the kids safe on All-Hallow’s-Eve is to plan out your route ahead of time. Research the area, remember the best houses from last year, do whatever you need to get a decent sized route. If going door-to-door is a little too risky for you- look up local family events. Places like Churches and Malls will often plan some sort of family friendly event to attract foot traffic. They are GREAT and the kids will always go home with some great loot!

Talk over rules for the ones that are old enough to out alone This is a big one, especially if it’s their first year going solo. Make sure they know things like the buddy system, who to call, and areas to avoid. If they are going to a friends house for a party get the number of the parents and make sure they have your contact info as well!

*POLICE WARNING FOR CANDY* This is a news stations warning for candy to watch out for. Remember, when in doubt THROW IT OUT!!!

If you follow all of that, you and your family should have a great Halloween!! Looking for some Halloween decorations to put up last minute? I put together a Pinterest board of some great DIY decoration projects for halloween!!! DIY Halloween Decorations