Every month we have those dreaded days…

Grocery Shopping. If you’re like me- those days can be tough, long, and expensive. It definitely doesn’t have to be!! If you stick to a set of rules you can not only enjoy the grocery store, but you can also save money!!

It’s not hard to be a savvy grocery shopper. In fact, it’s pretty easy once you get used to these guidelines!

  1. Make a groceries list- and stick to it! Keep your list somewhere in the kitchen in plain site, so you can add to it as the week goes on. It can be on any type of paper. My preference? I use this easy to use grocery list template.  You can get it in My Shop with the Organization Bundle! It has easy to navigate categories, and it’s pretty cute so it’s not an eye sore in your kitchen!
  2. Don’t feel a need to fill the cart. You don’t have to fill your cart every time to make the trip feel worth it. Stick to what you need, and nothing else!
  3. Ditch the last minute craving items! You don’t need them! If you notice you grab those extra things because you’re hungry- bring something to snack on at the store (or eat before hand) That can help with both unhealthy cravings and with keeping yourself honest at the store.
  4. Wear headphone- listen to upbeat music! Statistics show that grocery stores use slower music to get you to move slower and shop 28% longer! This increases your odds of grabbing last minute items. So fight that grocery store fatigue and put on those upbeat, catchy grooves!
  5. Look ahead of time for sales. This will help you in two ways. You can plan out which days to shop, and you will be able to save more when you do! I always check the local stores pages instead of online site (if it’s a chain.) Sometimes the big website won’t have info on local sales.
  6. Download coupon apps. The biggest app that helps in this way is the Safeway 4 U app. It’ll notify you of sales and often they will even post extra big savings just for the app users! Great way to save big!
  7. Last but not least, do the extra work at home to spend less at the store. Do the math! Is the sea food cheaper if you buy frozen and let it thaw at home? Is the seasoned meat more expensive than the meat you would have to season at home? Always opt for the cheaper option. You are already going to be cooking at home. What’s a few extra steps if it could save you money each trip?

There you have it! My easy to use guide. It won’t work across the board for everyone. But, it is a really great starting off point!!

Happy shopping 🙂