Putting Your Binder Together

So, I have been talking a lot about organization and have a tons of awesome printables in My Shop But, something I haven’t answered: Where do you put everything? You can either keep a record of everything on your computer, or you can do what I do – put a binder together!! Here are my very simple steps on how I put together both my family binder and my blog binder.

Step 1: Get your supplies together!!

My absolute favorite part about putting my house binder together, is the shopping for supplies. Amazon is great for top quality and well priced stuff. You will need:

And for the truly organized desk top professional: Multi-Tasker Desk System

Step 2: Figure out which tabs you want, and organize them in the binder. I recommend using some of the following for tabs:

  • Medical
  • Schedules
  • Calendar
  • Babysitter Info
  • Forms

If you are creating a binder for your blog, here are some good tabs:

  • Calendar
  • Ideas
  • Posts
  • Admin
  • Subscribers
  • Templates
  • Monetizing

Once you are done you can start printing out your pages and filling up the binder!!! Visit My Shop for a ton of great printable bundles. Don’t forget that subscribers get a 50%off their cart coupon!!

Good Luck, and have fun!!!