The.Hello.Mamma’s Guide to Hosting Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be a time of strife for a family, especially if you are hosting! I wanted to put together a little How To guide for surviving this stomache busting holiday!

If you are hosting: Hosting can be really stressful when it comes to Thanksgiving. My best advice, plan! Follow this general timeline and you are off to a great start. Any extra planning is obviously great too!.

2 weeks before: Plan out your menu. Make sure to include favorites like cranberry sauce, stuffing, and as always- don’t forget the turkey! Reach out to your guests and make sure you get any major food restrictions such as allergies, and vegan options if you have any vegans coming.

3 days before: If you are making homemade cranberry sauce- now is the time to do it! Get it all ready, and allow it to refrigerate until the big day. Today is also the day you will want to start thawing your turkey. The general rule of thumb is 1 day of thawing for every 4 pounds. This is also the day that I pull out any serving and cooking dishes, so I can assign them with post its. This is great because not only do you get to plan out which dishes you use, but you also give yourself a few days to pick up anything that you may be missing!

1 day before: Almost time for the big day! One day ahead of Thanksgiving you want to get the stuffing made. Some people use the stuffing to- well- stuff the turkey. My personal preference: an un-stuffed Turkey is MUCH easier to cook. If you are baking any pies, this is also the time for that. Get them baked and then make sure they are well wrapped in plastic wrap. I also like to do the majority of my decorations the day before. Make the house look pulled together with fall decorations.

Thanksgiving Day!!

  • 4 Hours Before Dinner- Start cooking your 8-12 pound turkey. Any turkeys larger than that will need longer to cook, so plan accordingly.
  • 2 Hour Before Dinner- Get started on your mashed potatoes!
  • 1 Hour Before Dinner- Take the turkey out and let it sit at least 30 minutes prior to eating
  • 30 minutes to go! – You can do your green bean casserole, dinner rolls, finish mashed potatoes, and start gravy.

Most important- don’t get over stressed today! Enjoy the day, take it as it comes, and my secret- a glass of wine every hour or two!

Need to get some new stuff? I have some great recommendations for Thanksgiving below!