Webster Wednesdays: Editorial Calendar

Hey bloggers!!

Welcome to week two of my Hello.Bloggers series! Today we are going to talk about editorial calendars. These were orginally for people who ran magazines and newspapers. But, since blogging has become so huge we now have editorial calendars just for blogging.


What is an editorial calendar? It’s anything dated (a calendar, a day planner, etc.) that you use to plan out which posts you will make on certain days!!

Are they hard to use? They don’t have to be! You can use a really simple layout, and just jot down your plans in them. I even made a great calendar printable that you can use to keep track!! Every subscriber gets this calendar for FREE when they subscribe! How do you do that? Just submit your email on the subscribe box to the right 🙂 Easy!

Don’t want to subscribe but still want the calendar? You can find it in My Shop!

Do I have to use one? No- you don’t. If you are someone who operates well without needing to organize and plan, you do not have to use one. Should you use one? I highly recommend it. They are so fantastic and easy to use, so why not? Especially if you are a parent- it can be great to have something that is a gentle reminder of what to post.

Remember: not everyone will run their blog the same way. Find what works for you and do it! If you find that using the calendar helps, great! If not, that’s fine too!

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Happy Blogging 🙂