My Favorite Holiday Rom-Coms

I know you all had a ton of fun reading about which family movies to watch…..

But, what about for the adults? Here are my top 5 favorite picks for holiday romantic comedies!

  1. The Family StoneWith stellar acting and a few serious moments, this movie was a hit in my house. You have a huge family under one roof, some with their significant others and some not. When the eldest brother brings home the woman he wants to propose to, the family doesn’t take it all that well. Hilarity ensues. Fantastic movie. Truly.
  2. While You Were SleepingIf you are a fan of Sandra Bullock you will love this movie. Another fantastic cast. This movie, in my opinion, is more sweet than funny. But, still, a holiday rom-com hit!
  3. Four ChristmasesReese Witherspoon is always high on my list of must see actresses. This movie was no difference. She and Vince Vaughn play off each other so well in this movie. You get to follow them as Kate and Orlando visiting their 4 different families for the holidays because they get caught in a lie.
  4. Love ActuallyIf you haven’t watched this movie yet, you need to! It is sweet, romantic, funny, and full of the holidays! You follow a few different story lines, but they are so easy to follow and each is so uniquely funny!
  5. The HolidayThis is my absolute favorite movie. Once again, a stellar cast. You get to follow two girls who are unlucky in love, played by Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz. Watch them navigate traveling for the holidays in the midst of two heartbreaks. The leading men in the movie are amazing as well. Well worth the watch!!!

    Enjoy your movies and have some peppermint popcorn for me!