Webster Wednesday: Using Pinterest

Whether it’s for a business, your blog, or personal use-

Pinterest is, in my opinion, one of the best tools out there. I use my Pinterest account for everything. Need a new recipe for dinner? – Pinterest Want to know how to refurnish a chair? – Pinterest Want to know how to organize that pain in the butt junk drawer? – Pinterest. And just like I look up everything there, so do the 100 million other users PER MONTH. It is a fantastic tool to use for spreading the word about your blog. But you’ve gotta know how to use it right.

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Now, onto Pinterest!

Creating a Pin– At first, creating a “perfect pin” can be difficult. But, once you learn the ropes it is an easy, simple, and effective way to get your information out and gain foot traffic. There are a few things you want to get right when it comes to your “perfect pin”

  1. Photo The optimal size for your Pinterest “pin” is 735 X 1100. Studies show that pins that are “repinned” the most have some are all of these qualities.
    • Best size for a pin is 735 X 1100
    • Multicolored- Although the most pinned singular color is red, pins should be bright and colorful.
    • Portrait style won over landscape style for most repins.
    • No human faces- Pins without human faces were repinned 23% more often than those with faces in them.
  2. Wording No hashtags- Unlike it’s social media counterparts- hashtags don’t rule the Pinterest world.

Now that you have created your pin, when should you post it? Studies show that the best times to pin are 2 pm-4 pm , 8 pm-1 am. The worst? 5 pm-7 pm. What about days of the week? Fridays are at an all time high for pinning, completely wiping out the other days of the week.

Alright- Now you’ve got all your pins in a row. Time to make your boards. If you are using Pinterest to further your blog then you need to be prepared to have quite a few boards. Here are the minimum boards you need:

  1. 1-2 Boards with specific images and links to your blog and your blog posts
  2. 3-4 Boards with related to material to each subject you have featured on your blog. For example I have 2-3 boards each for:
    • Organizing
    • DIY Projects
    • Blogging
    • Health and Fitness
    • Children/Family
  3. I also have a few locked (hidden) boards for my own use for the blog.

Create a spot on your blog to link people to your Pinterest account so they can follow.   Most sites for blogging have a widget or some sort of add on to make a “Follow Me” section. If you are purchasing a blog theme, make sure it includes an area for this! And make sure you are continuously adding to the boards. The more pins you HAVE the more attentions your pins will get. Just make sure that everything you pin and repin is somehow representative of you and what your message is.

Once you’ve got all the basics you are well on your way to Pinning Heaven.

Happy Pinning!