The Hello Mamma’s Guide to Hosting a Christmas Party

With the holidays quickly coming I wanted to put together a post that will have tips and all sorts of things that you need to get ready for hosting your own Christmas Party.


Step 1: Decide which kind of vibe you want
This will contribute to who you invite, the activities you do, and what foods you will put out. Do you want something silly and fun? How about something quiet and demure? Or do you just want to explode with as much holiday cheer as possible? Whichever route you take- stick to it- and plan from there!

Step 2: Pick a day, make the event on facebook, and invite people
If there are certain people that you absolutely want there- maybe see if you can get everyone to give you some dates that work. That way you can figure out a day that works for as many people as possible. I like making the event on facebook because it keeps everything so much more organized than email threads, phone calls, or texts. Everyone can post, see the details, etc.

Step 3: Plan the party!!
Obviously this is everyone’s favorite part. From deciding decorations, to foods, to games, it’s so much fun. This is also why things like Pinterest were invented. I have put together a great board for you to follow all about Christmas stuff! Ill be posting my Christmas gift suggestions later, so stay tuned for that!!

Gift giving tends to always be a hit of a party. So you have to decide how you want to incorporate that. You can do something simple like if you bring a present for one person- you need to bring one for everyone (that way no one is left out). Or you can make it into a game! So great holiday favorites are Secret Santa and White Elephant.

Secret Santa vs. White Elephant

Secret Santa:

  • Everyone puts their name in a hat, or online engine, to be drawn.
  • If you draw yourself- you need to redraw
  • Everyone decides on a spending limit
  • You bring the gifts to the party, and one by one- people unwrap and show their great gifts!
  • After everyone has unwrapped their gift- people take turns guessing who their Santa was
  • In my house, we get small dollar store prizes for whoever guesses right

You can even use an online generator for this! I love Draw Names. They are a great website and I use them every year. It’s completely free too! You compile an email list of all who want to participate and you put that into the generator. Once everyone accepts the invite- it will randomly assign people. The website has a lot of great stuff to help.

  • You can block certain people from getting eachother. I block people like siblings and couples because I know they will already be getting stuff from that person.
  • The site has an area where you can create a wishlist so you Secret Santa can see it
  • It’s completely anonymous- so even the person organizing can participate without knowing who people have!

White Elephant:

    • Everyone brings a present that is well wrapped
    • You can make a spending limit, a category, or anything to specify what can and can’t be brought
    • All the gifts get put in the center of everyone
    • Everyone gets a number assigned to them
    • One by one people choose a gift from the middle and unwraps it.
      1. On your turn you can either steal a gift from someone, or pick one from the center
      2. Once a gift has been stolen twice, it’s dead. No one else can steal it

Both are so much fun and sure to be a big hit!!

Choosing food items

I personally like to make the holiday parties potlucks. This takes off a lot of pressure from the host, and everyone gets to contribute. You can make a thread for food on the facebook page (or email or however you choose to contact the guests)

Make sure there is enough to sustain you all and not just sugary foods.

Tip: Pinterest has a TON of great holiday themed food!


Decorations are always so much fun! You can buy them from the store, or you can do some really fun DIY projects. I personally do a mix of both!!

Hello Mamma’s DIY Christmas Pinterest Board

I hope this all helped! There are a ton of fun ideas for parties out there. Send me your favorites!!

Happy Holidays