24 DIY’s of Christmas: DIY #2

Welcome to Day 2 of our DIY Series!!!!

Today we will be making our first ornament.

More specifically:

Hot Chocolate Ornaments

This DIY is SUPER easy!!

Supplies you will need:

Step One: Wash the ornaments. This is pretty important especially if you are giving them away as gifts.

Step Two: With the funnel, fill up the ornament half way with hot cocoa mix.

Step Three: Fill 1/4 of it with the candy cane bits.

Step Four: Fill the rest of the way with small marshmallows.

Final Product:

Good luck with your ornaments!! I’d love to see pictures of any of the DIY’s you guys do. Email them to thehellomamma@gmail.com!!! You could end up in my Holidays Recap Post!!

Stay Tuned for DIY 3: Our first DIY gift of the series!!

Happy Holidays!!!