24 DIY’s of Christmas: DIY #5

Welcome to our 5th Holiday DIY everyone!

I don’t know about you guys but this holiday season has got me scheduled to the bone. Thank goodness for my day planner. I have practically been living out of it the last few weeks. If you guys don’t have one yet, I highly recommend getting one! I have a great post reviewing the online company that I got my planner from! Check it out.

Alright- on to today’s DIY!! Today we will be doing another decoration.


The things you will need are:

Step One: Fold your piece of paper so that it makes a cone shape and tape it so that it stays. Stand it up on the base.

Step Two: Cut a bunch of pieces of your green string.

Step Three: Cover a piece of string in a light layer of glue, and wrap it around the paper cone (you can see an example in the picture above) Repeat until the cone is mostly covered. You want some white to show through.

Step Four: Allow it to dry

Step Five: Once its completely dried, slowly take the paper off the inside of your tree.

Step Six: Glue snow confetti sporadically around your tree.

All done!! You can make as many of these as you want. They are great for table top decorations.

See you guys tomorrow for our Day 6, where we will be doing another DIY gift 🙂

Happy Holidays,