24 DIY’s of Christmas: DIY # 7

Happy Wednesday ya’ll, and Welcome to DIY #7!!!

Today we are doing a Christmas Decoration classic.

We are making: Paper Snowflakes!!!

What I love about this DIY is that it’s a time honored tradition. We can all remember being in school and learning how to fold our papers into squares and making our unique snowflakes.

Another great thing about this DIY? No two snowflakes are the same. 🙂

For this project you will need:

  • A stack of white paper. I prefer them to already be cut into perfect squares, you can get packs like that from any craft store
  • A pair of nice scissors for the adults
  • Kid safe scissors for the little ones

Step One: If your paper isn’t already a perfect square, take the time now to make it one. Trust me, it will be so much easier to do this project if you are working with squares instead of rectangles.

Step Two: Fold your paper in half- into a triangle shape- by taking two opposite ends, and lining them up with each other. Now do it again.

Step Three: You can either trace a design onto your paper or you guys can free hand it. Both are completely fine options!

Step Four: Unfold your paper to look at your unique snowflake! Then repeat until you have as many snowflakes as you want.

Voila!! You have all your snowflakes ready to be put around your house 🙂

Tomorrow we will be doing a really fun Christmas Snack.

Happy Holidays!