24 DIYs of Christmas: # 9

Hey everyone and welcome to DIY #9!!!

I love this one so much because it’s fun, easy, and re uses old products that may have normally been thrown away. Today we are making :

Christmas Cards


For this DIY you will need:

Paint Color swatches
Card Stock
Extras you want to decorate with such as glitter or snowflake confetti

Glue Stick or bottle

Step One:
Take your color swatch card and draw and X through it. I used a ruler and lined it up with opposite ends.


Step Two:
With scissors, carefully cut on the lines you just drew. You should end up with four(4) pieces. Two tall trees, and two short and stumpy pieces. Those can be recycled or reused for a different project. We will only be using the tall tree pieces.

Step Three:
Glue the tree onto the center of your card stalk.

Step Four:
Draw a brown tree stump underneath.

Step Five:
Add any extras you want.

Voila! All done. Now you have your very own unique Christmas Card. Do this for as many people as you want. This also works great for giving to neighbors, coworkers, or teachers!

Stay tuned for the next DIY where we will be doing another holiday snack!

Happy Holidays,