Veronica Mars Workout

Veronica Mars Workout

Hey everyone!! T.G.I.F could never be more true for me than it is today. This week was a doozy! I finished answering the rest of your emails about starting your blogs. I am so proud of each of you guys!! The blogs all look great, and anyone who emailed me a link to their new blog, you guys will all be in my newsletter this month!

Now, onto today’s workout! This tv show is my ALL TIME FAVORITE. I have watched the series countless times, and even had a hand in the Kickstarter campaign that made the movie possible! She is everyone’s favorite teen-aged private eye.


Veronica Mars Workout

Doing the workouts? Here are some basic tips to maximize your workout!

1. Drink more water on workout days.
2. Banish any foods that are high in salt.
3. Stretch before AND after any workout.
4. Eat a banana or granola before a workout.
5. Drink a protein shake or eat fruit after a workout.
6. Get a tennis ball and/or foam roller – use them against thighs and the sole of your foot. This will help to relieve some tension and stretches your nerves a little bit.

Here are some great supplies to get you started on your journey!
1. Yoga Mat
2. 20-Pound Dumbbell Set
3. Insulated Water Bottle
4. Morefit Fitness Tracker
5. Fitbit Flex 2
6. Fitbit Smart Fitness Watch

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