24 DIYs of Christmas: DIY #11

I am so excited about today’s DIY because I absolutely loooooove making new versions of these. Today we are doing:

Christmas Wreaths

We will be doing two different wreaths- both adorable!!

Wreath # 1:


For this first wreath you will need:

~A wreath shaper:
For this wreath I got the foam hoop from my local craft store. But, get whatever wreath shaper you prefer.

~A yard or two of a white fuzzy fabric- whichever you prefer

~1 medium sized red Christmas ornament.

~1 Santa Hat

Step 1: Glue or sew your fabric onto the Christmas wreath. I personally glued mine, I am horrible at sewing.

Step 2: Glue your red ornament on the top of the bottom layer of the wreath (you can use the picture above for reference if that doesn’t make sense to you)

Step 3: With bobby pins or tacks, secure your Santa hat to the top of the wreath. I did it this way so i can take the Santa hat off each year to wash it.

After that let it dry and you have your first holiday wreath!!

Wreath # 2:


For this wreath you will need:

A wreath shaper- this time you want to get one from Home Depot or another construction store. You want the caged version. It’s metal and very sturdy.

~A ball of twine.

~A red medium sized Christmas ornament.

~Felt reindeer antlers

Step 1: You want to take the twine and wrap it around the metal wreath shaper. Not through it, but around it.

Step 2: Glue the red ornament to the bottom ring. (again you can use the picture above for reference)

Step 3: Glue the antlers to the back side of the top part of the ring (again, you can use the picture to see placement)

Allow it to dry and you have your second wreath!!!

Thanks so much for joining us this time.

Happy Holidays,