24 DIYs of Christmas: DIY 13

Alright guys

we are already more than halfway through our DIYs!

I’m a little sad that soon we won’t be doing this series anymore. But, there is always next year!

Now- what we all came for. Today’s DIY!

We are doing: Wooden Sled Ornaments


For this DIY you will need:

~Miniature craft sticks
~Standard craft sticks
~Tacky craft glue
~Silver paint
~Antiquing medium
~Paper towels
~Wax paper

Step 1: After gathering supplies, lay 3 miniature craft sticks flat on a piece of wax paper. Stagger them slightly so the middle stick pops out, then glue them together side by side. Gently press the 3 sticks together for a moment so the glue can adhere.

Step 2: Secure 2 long craft sticks to the “seat” of your sled. Gently hold the “runners” in place for a moment so the glue can adhere. Allow the base of the sled to dry completely.

Step 3: When the sled is dry, carefully peel it from the wax paper. Use sharp scissors to snip a small board from the extra craft stick. Use glue to attach it to the runners of the sled. Make sure you give enough time for it to dry!

Step 4: Paint it! Please, allow time for the paint to dry completely.

Step 5: Apply the antiquing medium with brushes. Remove excess medium with a paper towel, then allow the sleds to dry completely.

Step 6: Last, glue twine onto the back of the ornament.

Hang and enjoy!

Again, this could go on your tree, or given as a gift! A cute thing to do if you are giving it as a gift- use calligraphy to write the name of it’s recipient!!

Happy Holidays,