24 DIYs of Christmas: DIY # 14

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday and welcome to our 14th DIY!

We will be making Chalkboard Wood Ornaments for the Christmas Tree!!

For this DIY you will need:

Cut sections of a tree. This works best when sanded down, you will probably want to get these pieces at a Home Depot or any other store like that.

Chalkboard Paint You can get any color, but I prefer the classic black.

Chalk or Chalk Paint. Again this is based on preference.

String or Ribbon

A drill. You can also get the hole drilled at a Home Depot of you don’t have one

Step 1: With your wood piece all sanded down, use the chalkboard paint to paint a circle covering the inside of the tree. You want the bark on the outside to still be showing. You also want to only paint one of the flat sides. Leave the back side blank.

Step 2: With your chalk or chalk paint, paint whatever special word you want on your ornaments. Some good ones for Christmas are : “Joy” “Noel” “Peace” “Seasons Greetings” Etc.

Step 3: If you have gotten your wood drilled at Home Depot you can skip to Step 4. If not, you need to take your drill (and safety goggles!!) and drill a hole at the top of the wood piece. This is where the string or ribbon will go through so it can hang on the tree.

Step 4: Take your string or ribbon, and tie it through the hole, leaving enough space to fit it onto a tree branch.

Voila!! All done. Aren’t they gorgeous!?!

Chalkboard Ornaments Final

See you guys next time!

Happy Holidays,