Webster Wednesday: Social Media Pt.2

Hey guys!

Welcome to another installment of Webster Wednesday. Today I wanted to discuss a few more details about social media. Some bloggers really don’t see the potential you gain by using all sorts of social media platforms. So I wanted to touch on it again, just to really get the message across!!

Here is a recap of Social Media Part 1!


We all know how and why to use Facebook. So for today we will skip that. I’m going to give you some quick and easy tips for Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, and Pinterest.


  1. Hashtags!!! People who correctly use hashtags get 2X the amount of retweets. Although, be careful. Studies show that you lose 17% of your audience if you use more than 3 hashtags.
  2. Write a bio- this really helps people learn more about you. It’ll help entice them to follow you. Again- use hashtags!
  3. Use your header as a promotional space!
  4. Use images. This really makes your tweets come together.
  5. Use twitter lists. This can un tap a lot of secret potential!
  6. ENGAGE PEOPLE. Retweet posts that are similar to your content. Talk to people.
  7. Use a schedule for posting- and stick to it!


  1. Understand the 6 different post types.
  2. Know and understand Tumblr “language”
  3. Follow people with similar content, and those who follow you!
  4. Choose a good theme for you Tumblr page. With Tumblr- simpler is better
  5. Utilize tagging the same way you utilize hashtags on Twitter
  6. “Like” and “Reblog” others!


  1. Set up your circles
  2. Add headlines by using *insert heading here*- this grabs people instead of them seeing a wall of text.
  3. Format well for attention.
  4. Use hashtags and pictures. That can really help other people to find your posts
  5. Share to PUBLIC. Don’t limit yourself to one or two groups/communities
  6. Reply to any +1s you get!
  7. This one is important: Read the rules for any communities you join. You don’t want to be the jerk that ruins it for others.


  1. You need “pin-worthy” pictures.
  2. Add a Pinterest tab to your blog’s Facebook page
  3. Pin to multiple boards (in a preview post we talked about how you need at least 10 boards.
  4. Engage with your followers! Follow them back!
  5. 9 pm is when traffic on Pinterest is peaked.

Here is a great time schedule to stick to!!!

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That’s all the tips for today!! Want help with social media and I haven’t covered your topic? Send me a comment and I would love to help out!

Be kind today,