Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas Eve…

is arguably one of the most anticipated nights in a household. For both kids and their parents, or adults who still have their inner child intact. I’ve decided to round up some of the best Christmas Eve Traditions I have heard (or participated in) Maybe you can add one or two of these to your family Christmas Eve!

Reindeer Gifts
On Christmas Eve, while families are at church- Santa’s Reindeer come and leave a gift for each of the kids in the living room.

How to make it special: You can find a deer hoof stencil and sprinkle flour around it leading up to the gifts. This is such a cute way to help your little one’s imaginations. It looks like real snow and real hoof prints!

Santa’s Box Movie Night
Each of the kids have to find their “Santa Box Key” which is hidden in the Christmas Tree. This lets them “unlock” their Santa Box which is a treasure trove of pajamas, popcorn, candy, and a movie. Everyone gets into their PJ’s and embarks on a Christmas Eve Movie Adventure 🙂

How to make it special: Decorate a sturdy wooden key for each kid. They get the same one each year. If you have multiple kids, all of the keys need to be found to unlock Santa’s Box!

No Chimney? No problem!
Many families struggle with how to explain Santa getting down the chimney if the house doesn’t have one! Solution is simple! Decorate a special “house key” just for Santa to use, and put it out on Christmas Eve!

How to make it special: Have the kids decorate the key! This is such a fun craft activity for the family, and it really helps them to feel included!

                                                                   Dinner and a Show:                                                                                Take the family out for a nighttime car ride/ walk to see some fantastic neighborhood lights, after having dinner out somewhere!

How to make it special: Eat at the same place and visit the same neighborhood every year! Discuss what’s new, or what’s the same. This really helps instill the sense of tradition 🙂

Does your family participate in any of these traditions? What about your own!? I’d love to hear what you and your family does every year for Christmas Eve!! Comment below, you could make it into my annual Christmas Letter!

Happy Holidays,