24 DIYs of Christmas: DIY # 16

Hey everyone and Happy Friday!!!

Our first DIY for today has so many possibilities for you to make it unique to your family. We will be making Stocking Hangers for houses that don’t have a mantle.

For this project you will need:

A Medium Sized piece of sanded wood. You can sand it yourself if you really want a true DIY!
Paint. Here is one of the areas where you get to make it unique! Choose a paint or multiple paints that represent your families Christmas spirit!!
Screws and a screwgun
Stencils, unless you want to free hand the words!

You might also want to get materials to keep your house clean if you plan on doing this project inside. A simple tarp from Home Depot should do the trick!!


Step One: If your wood isn’t already sanded- do it now. The sanding is a great way to give the paint a surface to stick to!

Step Two: Paint the wood with the base paint. Whatever color you want to most show on your project.

Step Three: After the base paint dries, paint on your accents. It can be cute Christmas phrases, snowflakes, your families names, etc. Whatever YOU want to put on it to make it your own.

Step Four: After the last of the paint dries. Take your hooks and plan out where they will go so you can see the even spacing. Once you have the plan down, screw the hooks in! Remember to go slowly, as a quick and forceful push can crack the wood!

Voila!! Now you have your own stocking hanger 🙂 Send me pictures!! You could end up in my monthly newsletter!!

Happy Holidays,