24 DIYs of Christmas: DIY # 19

Happy Tuesday and Welcome to DIY # 19!

This DIY is so much fun, especially because the possibilities are almost endless!!

We are making DIY Candle Decorations!

We will be making a few different candles, so you can have lot’s of options!

#1- Rope Candle

You’ll need…

Painter’s tape cardboard core
Jute Rope
Masking Tape
Hot Glue Gun + Glue

Step 1: Line the inside of the cardboard core with the masking tape.
Step 2: Wrap the rope around the outside of the core, gluing every few inches.
Step 3: Braid your twine, and glue it to the top of the core, blocking site of the cardboard.
Step 4: Add your candle!

#2- Photo Candle

You’ll need…

Photo negatives
Glass candle holders
Glue Dots

Step One: Use your negatives to measure around your glass candle holder to see how many frames in your negative are needed to wrap around it.
Step Two: Put some glue dots or double stick tape to both ends of your photo negative pieces.
Step Three: Stick your negative pieces on your candle holder.
Step Four: Add your candle!

#3- Vanilla Bean Candle

You’ll need…

Bowls, cups, glass jars.
Wax Chips
Candle Wicks
Coffee Beans
Vanilla Beans -chopped

Step One: Using a double broiler or a microwave safe bowl, melt the wax.
Step Two: Glue the wick in place at the bottom of the cup or just hold it in place with your hand (at the top, of course).
Step Three: Pour in a small layer of wax and add a layer of coffee beans and vanilla beans. Then fill the rest of the cup with wax. You can stir wax with a chopstick to distribute the bean pieces if needed.
Step Four: Let the wax harden and trim the wick.

Now you have 3 awesome candle options!! I really love these because they leave room for options! You can use whatever kind of candle for your rope candle! You can add colors to your vanilla bean candle! And the picture options are endless for you picture votive!! Don’t forget to send me the pictures of your final products!!

Happy Holidays,