24 DIYs of Christmas: DIY # 22

Welcome to DIY # 22!! We are almost done, and the holidays are almost over!

Today we will be doing something pretty fun, and what I love about it is that it is so customizable. This can really work for anyone!

We are making: Gifts in a Bucket!

The main thing you will need for this DIY is a bucket. It can be any kind too! It can be a sand bucket if this is for any little ones, it can be a large metal buckets, even one of those painters buckets!!!

Other things you will need are:

Things to fill the buckets

Step One: Thing about who this bucket is going to. Try to envision them as best you can. Now, fill the bucket with their favorite things, or things you think they will love!

Step Two: Print out your labels. The labels can be for the gifts themselves, the whole bucket, or even just the person’s name.

Step Three: Cut a hole into the labels and thread the ribbon through it. Tie that around what item the label is for.

Extra step: Depending on how bit your gift ends up being you can buy some gift basket bags! This is a great finishing touch.

Happy Holidays