Rogue One: Movie Review

Over my break I saw Rogue One, the newest film addition to George Lucas’ Star Wars Universe. Even though Disney now owns the rights to Star Wars, this movie did a great job at staying on par with the rest of it’s predecessors. Like usual, the first part is my spoiler free review of Rogue One! Continue past the warning for a more detailed review that does have some spoilers!

This film addition to the fantastical Star Wards universe had the same great futuristic feeling, while giving us a whole new set of content. We are so used to seeing the Episode formats. We have villains, we have heroes, we have heroes that eventually overthrow the villains. Rogue One took a large step out of that general outline and gave us a real war story.

There was no direct sense of any “heroes” in the movie. Instead what you get is the rebellions last real strategic breath in a long fought war between the two factions. What I loved is that even the so-called “good guys” had flaws to them. Everyone is so far into their war that they pull no-nonsense maneuvers that make the shiny new fighters question a lot of the backbone in the rebellion.

Don’t get me wrong, Rogue One was no less amazing because of it’s lack in cut and dry good vs. evil. In fact, I think it was a really great movie, especially considering our current predicaments in world media. It reminds us that every side has it’s good, it’s dark, and it’s fanatics. We get this great reminder that sometimes you have to see the big picture.


Straight out of the gate you learn about some very important (and until now mostly unheard of) key characters to the turn of the rebellion’s war.

First you have Galen if you are an avid Star Wars fan, reader, player, etc- has a ton of backstory. But, for the purposes of this movie- he was the man who was forcibly recruited by Imperial Director Orson Krennic to complete the design of the Death Star. Now, we have all heard of the Death Star. But some of the less avid fans may not necessarily (until now) understand it’s true power. They called it the Death Star because of it’s power to destroy planets. FULL PLANETS. So, to say that the rebellion was nervous to hear of it’s exsistance is an understatment.

Next we have Jyn– the daughter of Galen. When her father was kidnapped, she went into hiding. Her father’s friend, Saw Gerrera, helped her in escaping. Jyn eventually became a member of his extremist rebel faction but was ultimately abandoned at sixteen years old. Forced to survive on her own, Jyn developed various skills, including hand-to-hand combat. This sequence of events turned her into a criminal.

The final key character in the movie was Cassian Jeron Andor. He was a soldier, pilot and Intelligence officer who served in the rebellion. Andor joined a Rebel mission (along with Jyn and others) to steal the plans of the Death Star.

Like I mentioned before- there isn’t a true “villain”. That’s because this isn’t that kind of movie. It’s isn’t about a good guy and a bad guy fighting each other for the control/freedom of the galaxy. It’s about two opposing ideologies, and what a group of individuals are willing to sacrifice for those ideologies.

As for Darth Vader– perhaps on of the most renowned villains in cinema, Disney stuck to their statements of not wanting him to overshadow every movie. He only had a few scenes (albeit FANTASTIC scenes) in the entire movie.

The rest of the cast led the way for great humor releases, and some fantastic battle scenes.

The movie continued on making it’s own unique mark. While giving some nods to the originals (anyone else catch C3-P0 and R2-D2?) they steered clear of settling into any pattern and working off the originals. One great example is when you see K-2SO, a reprogrammed Imperial security droid, get new information. You assume he will use similar methods to all other droids we have seen (R2 would plug himself into the wall and download/upload information.) But instead he holds down another droid, drills a hole into the back of its head and drains it of information. Kind of dark, no?

The main point I loved so much about this movie is that it reminds you of some very basic human drives and situations. It doesn’t end with a happily ever after (Disney does love those, don’t they?) but instead you get left with the majority of the team dying. But, you can tell they did it well, because while all your favorites die- you are still left with a sense of accomplishment, triumph, and HOPE. Perhaps, a new hope?

Definitely worth the watch!

Did I get any of my facts or information wrong? Please don’t hesitate to let me know! I do love to be accurate!

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