New Year, New You – Day 1: 31 Day Clutter Detox

We’ve all been there….

The clock strikes 12 on a brand new year, and we are all filled with hope for the new possibilities. Our minds race with all the things we can do differently, do better. For the month of January I wanted to take the time to focus on this. Focus on the things we always talk about changing – but never really get around to it. Not everything in this series will be for you- and that’s okay. Don’t get overwhelmed thinking you have to change every aspect of your life. Pick a top 5, top 3, or heck even just 1 thing you want to work on. And then… DO IT!

Today we are going to focus on our homes, and the thing that makes them toxic for us. Clutter. I have made a 31 Day Clutter Detox, and I want to share it all with YOU!

The easiest and most efficient way is to systematically go through the room. Make piles from every room.

Pile 1- Keep
This pile needs to be things that are still all together, working (or have a warranty still active), have sentimental value, etc.

Pile 2- Donate
Things that are still mostly all together, no sentimental value, still usable but you don’t want to keep.

Pile 3- Trash
Broken (without a warranty), Old, expired, used up, stained, etc.

You can also always have a garage sale with the donate pile, and then donate the leftovers!!

Happy Decluttering,