De-Cluttering Paper to De-Clutter Your Life


More Paper.
All the Paper, all the clutter.

Sometimes, with even the best of intentions, we let the paper clutter swallow us whole. If it’s your office, desk, home, garage, storage unit, etc. Paper can be the bane of our existence. The constant struggle of “Will I need this in the future?” What if one day a cop comes because they think i’m guilty, but that one piece of paper that could have saved me got thrown out a year ago!!! (Okay…maybe that’s a bit much… I need to stop marathoning SVU!)

Not anymore!

I have developed a great system for de-cluttering (and organizing) that paper clutter.

Steps to De-Clutter

Step 1: Get a Filing Cabinet!
If you don’t want a cabinet because you hate how it looks, or any other number of reasons, opt for a pretty Filing Baskets instead! Just make sure it’s a decent size and big enough to organize.

Step 2: Start organizing your paper by category
There are so many you can choose. You can organize by family member, type (bills, donations, etc), months, years, or anything else. Just make sure it makes complete sense to you. You don’t want a filing system that ends up being smarter than you in a year!

Step 3: Make a receipt receptacle
This is a great way to keep your receipts separate, in order, and it doesn’t create an eye sore in your room/office.

Step 4: Color Code!
Assigning colors to things is a great way to look through with your naked eye, instead of having to lug through folders and folders and folders.

How to de-clutter

How Long Should I Keep This?

1 Month:
-non deductable receipts
-atm slips
-reconciled bank statements

1-3 Years:
-checkbook ledgers
-paycheck stubs
-mortgage statements
-donation receipts

7+ Years:
-tax documents
-medical files
-mileage records (if you get reimbursed)

-birth/citizenship documents
-marriage/divorce paperwork
-any current insurance policies
-education records

How long should I keep this for?

After all that, you should be well on your way to a more organized life!!

How did you organize your papers? Do you have a unique system? Share it with us! Comment below 🙂

Have a great day,