Reaching Your Savings Goal

Did you know that saving money is in the top 5 resolutions people make every year?

Did you also know that it’s the second least completed goal, second only to weight loss?

Money is a touchy subject for a lot of people. It causes fights in relationships. severed friendships, and a million other potential issues. That’s why every year, saving money is often at the top of our list. But, somewhere along the way, we opt out. It could be because we convinced ourselves we can’t do it, other things come up, self control goes down. Whatever the reason – this year – we can do it!

Steps to Saving Money

I have a 6 step plan that will make it much easier to start kissing those money problems goodbye. Is it fool-proof? No. Can you do it? Heck yes! The trick is to not get overwhelmed. Focus on the step right in front of you, instead of looking months down the road and worry how hard it will be.

Step #1: Be Specific!

Designate an amount, end date, what it’s for, anything to make it more tangible. Studies show that the more detailed your goal is, the easier it makes it for you brain to map out what to do.

Step #2: Make a vision board!

Visual motivation is one the best ways to motivate yourself! Humans are extremely visual creatures. We respond emotionally to what we see. This is why a vision board is the perfect way to help you! Find pictures of what you’ll spend you money on, or the way it’ll make you feel to reach your goal!

Step #3: Create a detailed plan.

Set milestones, due dates, instructions, etc. Give your mind a clear map to your goal.

Step #4: Find motivational quotes and passages.

Find a way to save anything that makes you feel motivated. A great place for this is Pinterest! You can create a motivational board like this one.

Step #5: Remind yourself that mindset is key.

Always stay positive about your goals. If you find yourself slipping into doubt or negativity, re focus on your goal. Hop on the computer or phone, and research a quick way to add $10 more dollars to your savings account. If every time you use your negativity to drive a quick addition to your fund, you will not only feel better about sticking it out, you will also most likely reach your goal faster!

Step #6: Keep good company.

Surround yourself with like minded people. Hang with your other budget friendly friends. Don’t spend too much time with the people who blow all their money, because that mindset is extremely attractive and it can lure you out of your goals.

Steps to Saving Money

Remember to take it one day at a time. Make sure you don’t get down on yourself for skipping a day or a deposit. Keep your eye on the prize!

There are a few savings challenges you can do to help with motivation as well! Check out my Savings Challenges Pinterest Board for some great ideas!

Have a great idea for savings that I didn’t mention? Submit a comment down below and let us know!

Happy Savings,