Kick Butt Blog Guide and Workbook are here!!!

The moment we have all been waiting for!

The Hello Mamma’s Guide to a Kick Butt Blog and it’s companion workbook are now up in the store! Don’t know if they are right for you? Here is how to tell if you could use them!

How do I know if this fabulous blog guide is right for me?

Are you new to blogging and want a complete guide on the ins and outs?
Are you a somewhat experienced blogger but want help monetizing your blog?

Then the Guide is right for you!

Guide to a Kickbutt Blog

What does the guide include?
The guide is over 50 pages of in depth information for creating, launching, and maintaining a blog! You can get help with everything from branding, marketing, posting, even understanding the legal parts of running a blog! If you get the workbook, you will have tons of great printable forms to keep track of everything too.

How do I know if the kick butt workbook is right for me?

Do you have issues with being organized?
Do you love being organized but don’t have the time to make your own templates?

Then the workbook is right for you!

Guide to a Kickbutt Blog Workbook

The workbook is over 20 pages of printables that help you keep track of your blog.

You can get them at a discount if you buy them both!

What are you waiting for? Go grab them at the store!