Mind Mapping and How It Can Help Organize Your Thoughts

There are so many roles that we take on that we need organization.

This can lead to a thought process that is constantly running on high in the back of our minds.

Mind Mapping is a universally effective way of processing thoughts or feelings. It’s both creative and logical, so it works for a large variety of personalities.

Mind Mapping

How do you do it?

Start with a piece of paper. Take your pen, and write your topic in the center of the paper, circling it afterwards. Without thinking, branch out. Add categories and sub categories. Don’t worry about aligning or being neat. As you go, make bubbles, lines, etc. Anytime a thought pops up – write it down!

Mind Mapping Example

What happens when you mind map?

The left and right hemisphere of your brain are working in tandem. A wise range of brain functions are being utilized. Because of this, mind mapping is not only productive, it’s also a great exorcise for your brain.

In the end, you will not only have a physical version of your thoughts- you will also have a quicker/ stronger brain!


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