While I Was Gone by Sue Miller Review

Here we are at week 5 of Oprah’s Book Club! I have loved doing these reviews so far, and I hope you guys are getting some good recommendations from them! I would love to know what you guys thought about the books too! Leave a comment after the review so I can see!

Today we are doing While I Was Gone by Sue Miller

Book review for While I Was Gone by Sue Miller

While I Was Gone

So, I have to admit, I didn’t read the book, I listened to it. I found an audio version of the book and had a few long drives so I decided to listen to the book! You may get a slightly different feel of the book than I did if you read it. But, here is a general review.

Overall Review: Not a favorite, but Worth It

Miller weaves two time periods together into one amazing story. The main character’s previous 1960’s life, merges with today’s middle-age life. The only thing that troubled me throughout the book, was the main character’s relationship with her current husband. The way she described him almost left me feeling like she was married to an up-tight, prick of a man. Then, through some various decisions of the main character, I found myself enraged at her actions. However, this wasn’t a writing flaw, it was a character flaw. The fact that Miller managed to get that much of an emotional reaction from me actually proves that the writing and storytelling was well done.

I really enjoyed this book, and my review will be short because I can’t explain too much without spoiling plot points. There were descriptive segments that sometimes went on far too long, and I found myself skimming, or forcing myself to pay attention. However, that only happened once or twice in very small segments so it wasn’t enough to make me question the author.

It’s not my favorite from Oprah’s Book Club, but definitely worth a read.

That’s it for this review. As I said most of my opinions are tied to plot points that I don’t want to ruin so go pick it up and read! I included an affiliate link above if you want to get the book from Amazon.

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