How to Earn a Second Income From Home!

Who doesn’t love having a second income??

Second Income From Home!

Many individuals dream of a second income, yet few manage to put forth the effort and determination in order to produce one. The impact on your personal finances would obviously be substantial, yet so few people actually do it. Why?

The reality is that creating a second income stream is tough. It requires you to, essentially, work outside of work. We all live busy lives, full of work, taking care of the house, spending time with family, and trying to fit in a few moments of recreation. As such, it’s difficult to find time to create a second income stream.

Additionally, a second income stream is basically starting a business, which is difficult. Most new businesses fail to get up and running and the ones that do, can be very slow to develop. Patience and persistence is necessary.

There are so many reasons that you may need that second income
You are a stay at home parent
Bills are piling up
You need extra for savings
You want more money so you can go do fun things

Whatever your reason, you need it! Good news, there are SO MANY ways to earn a second income. Some of them include:
Taking Paid Surveys at Home
Ebay Store
Website Design
Graphic Artist
Virtual Assistant
Freelance writer

But my personal favorite?

Get a Home Business Going

The reality is that it’s easier than you think to build a second income stream. I’ve found that most people are either lazy or distracted with other things in life to put forth the effort to make it happen for them. Everybody thinks a second income would be great, yet nobody does it. They get worried, make up excuses, or whatever they have to, to talk themselves out of it.
In order to get started on this journey, first consider your present skill set. This might be the same skills that you have as a result of your job or maybe some skills that you have picked up as a result of hobbies. Either way, consider whether someone would pay for such skills. If so, you’re already on your way.

Start looking at your network of contacts.

This includes your family, your friends, your co-workers, your customers (although be careful soliciting your business contacts), your neighbors, etc. Are any of these people potential partners? Potential customers? Could any of these people help you get to the next step in this process? Consider all options here!!!
That’s the HARD PART!! After that you just need to decide the path you will take. Will you sell handmade goods online with sites like Etsy? How about starting an eBay business? Or, maybe you want to become a brand ambassador?

When I decided to start my own business I no idea how much fun it would be!

I get to meet people I never would have met otherwise. I get to earn that second income to start saving for the big things I dream of, like buying my own house. The best part? I get to help CHANGE other peoples lives through my business. Curious? Let me explain.

I became very unhealthy a few years ago. The technical term: morbidly obese. It was awful. The second I heard those words I cried. But, for some reason, no matter what I tried nothing helped. I would just end up doing these crash diets that lost weight quickly but then gained it all ack again because I binged after the diet.

Then came It Works!

This brand is all-natural health related. I’ve been using the products for 2 months and have lost 38 pounds. Now, I’m a distributor with them and am EARNING THAT SECOND INCOME! I have been building a strong team of people who are so dedicated to not only getting healthy but changing lives! Sound like you? You can sign up here to be on my team, and earn that second income you want and need!

I started off as just a customer. I tried a bunch of their products, found what I loved, and kept working it! After a while, friends started asking about what I was doing to lose the weight. I told them, and they wanted to join me! So i sent them to my friend as well. Then, what happened next, honestly changed my life. She suggest I signed up as a distributor and the girls would MY CUSTOMERS. So I did. Then came the income. It wasn’t a lot at first, not by a long shot! But, it was enough to entice me. To keep me motivated! I noticed the more time I gave to it, the more I got back. Then suddenly I was hitting all the bonus marks!

If that sounds like something YOU WANT, let’s talk! Already know for sure you want to try the product or sign up as a distributor? Sounds great! If you want to be a distributor keep reading! If you want to lose weight and get healthy, check out this post!

How to Get That Second Income You’ve Always Wanted

First off, you to know why you are doing this and what you want to get from it. Write it down and put it in a place you will see very often. Do a vision board so you know where you are headed. No dream is too big, but there is such thing as dreaming too small. Believe in yourself and know you deserve dreams as big as the Universe to come true. Motivation is key and if you don’t know why you are doing this and if it doesn’t touch your heart and soul, then what’s the point of you doing this?

Signed up? Then you need to follow our Steps to Success. Work this list every month!

1. Be Commission Qualified with your 80bv monthly autoshipment. (My auto ship started off at 160 BV because I LOVED so many of the products already)

2. Get 4 loyal customers.

3. Find 3 Distributors

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Following these steps, you will fly through the ranks AND THE BONUSES!

Everyone starts somewhere. You are not going to be to the number 1 money earner in the company your first month. You need to start with realistic expectations and goals. Expectations and goals will get bigger as you accomplish the mini goals along the way. Most people start a business like this to make an extra $500 a month. So That’s a great number to start with and we can increase our goal number every time we accomplish the previous. You should also choose a bigger picture number so you still keep a bigger picture in mind as well. The mini goals will get you toward that bigger picture and when you reach your bigger picture number, then you will be astounded you have to pick an even bigger number.

Here are some of the ways to earn money and bonuses!

1. Wrap Cash – We are wrap girls and guys…we get to sell wraps for cash! How fun is that? So a lot of people want to try it before they make a commitment of any kind. You can let them try one wrap for $25 or a full treatment (4 wraps) for $100.

2. Commissions!

Here are some of the bonuses you can earn:

3. Customer Gathering Bonus – We love to compensate our people for them sharing the products they love! No selling involved here. We just share our favorite products and our own testimonies….that’s enough to get everyone excited about what we do! As you just learned our loyal customers are the backbone of our business and we want as many as possible. By being a strong customer gathering machine…you will earn a $600 cash bonus each month!
The specifics of the bonus:

1. Gather 60 loyal customers

2. The volume from those loyal customers need to be 3000 in bonus volume (That’s 50 in bonus volume each minimum. Some order more some order less.)

This triggers the bonus!

Fast Start Bonuses! – This is one of my favorite bonuses! One reason is that the bonus is $100 in extra cash paid out each week just for doing your job! Our company doesn’t promote winning vacations and prizes…we want to give you cash for doing your own job. That way you can pay off debt and choose your own vacation destinations.

How to get this $100 bonus:

1. Enroll a new distributor through your website.

2. Help get that distributor launched and started in their business. Your distributor needs to get at least 2 loyal customers in their first 30 days and run their 80bv auto-shipment in their first 30 days.

Once they do those 2 things…you get your $100 paid out on the Friday after it was earned depending on when the weekly pay period ends.

This is a great incentive to find distributors and help them get started. We want to pay you for your passion of It Works and the love of sharing your products.

After that, there a TON of leadership/diamond bonuses!!!

Have I enticed you yet? Do you have questions? E-mail me at and we can talk! Get a no pressure consultation either way!

I look forward to your journey!