Todrick Hall Presents: Straight Outta Oz – A Review

Todrick Hall Presents: Straight Outta Oz – A Review


If you don’t know who Todrick Hall is – allow me to get you acquainted. He was an American Idol Season 9 singer and turned himself into, in my opinion, one of the most talented up and coming stars. His largest following is due mostly to his YouTube Channel where he covers Disney, popular icons, and is as sassy as they come. Recently, he released his newest project: Straight Outta Oz. It’s a YouTube video that is a little over an hour long and so worth the watch. He covers his life story to the familiar plot of Wizard of Oz. But, this version is very different from the classic we all know and love. Turning himself into each of the characters – Toddy shows us that there truly is no place like home.

Coming Home
Todrick Hall brought his Straight Outta Oz International Tour to Santa Cruz last Tuesday night to tell his personal story through song, dance, and video. Lots of video. Although the tickets said that the show started at 7:30 p.m., in reality, the videos started at 7:30. The show did not start until 8 p.m. For 30 minutes, we watched figments of Hall’s imagination, his brilliant imagination.

After some recapping with his most popular YouTube videos, Toddy took the stage where you quickly realize how passionate his fans are. I definitely want to point out that Todrick Hall is very talented! He has a beautiful voice and really can sing, and he wrote some catchy songs. My favorites right now are “If I Had a Heart”, “Green” (about being envious of perfect Hollywood celebrities) and “Low” which is a really catchy dance song.

The choreography was solid, and the dancers were well-rehearsed. Hall also brought some amazing talent along for the journey. All had thrilling voices, and their ease upon the stage and killer vocals spoke of long careers in front of an audience.

VIP Treatment

Those who bought the VIP tickets were able to meet him after the show. I’ll admit, I got a little starstruck and honestly don’t remember most of meeting him. I was very happy I did though. You can see our pictures from meeting him below!!

If you haven’t watched Straight Outta Oz yet, please do. It is so so worth it. You’re show was amazing, Todrick Hall. You can definitely count me in next time!

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