How To Host the Perfect Facebook Party For Your Business

Is your business measured by client interaction? Do you need ideas to draw attention? Try a Facebook Party! This is the method that I use and it has been GREAT for business! Through Facebook Parties I have been able to:

  • Grow my mailing list
  • Attract new customers
  • Connect with existing customers
  • Get tons of fantastic feedback for how to make my business more accessible
  • Tons of other things to grow my business

Sound good to you? Read on! Plus, get my FREE Facebook Event Planning printable!!!

Here are some stats so far for May after applying my new strategy:

  • 5 parties held
  • 9 parties booked
  • 198 new contacts

Here are some basic tips for a Facebook party:

1. Introduce yourself.

By the end of the party you will want one thing to stick out more than anything else. YOU. The place where a lot of business owners go wrong is thinking you are selling your product. That’s not your goal. You are selling you. Whether it’s a homemade product you made, a direct sales business (like Mary Kay or Cutco), or a service you provide – the most important thing is to leave an impression of YOU!

2. Use a virtual “catalog.”

One of the first things people do at home party is pass out or display their catalog. Do the same on Facebook! Be careful to not flood them with different things to buy. Pick the products that match your audience! Make a post about each of them showing what they are and why the party goers need it.

3. Roll Call!

15 minutes to a half hour before the party, post something where your guests can check in. This is perfect so that you can get an idea of the size of your attendance and be able to welcome each of them individually. If you are doing a raffle or some sort of virtual “door prize” this is crucial because you don’t want to give something away to someone who never even came in the first place.

4. Figure out the main problem your audience has – and SOLVE it!

You can question your audience about what they need help with or be selective on the type of audience you invite. Then, give them the answer to their problem! This not only shows that you care but also plants the seed with them that you have what they need.

5. Game It Up!

A call-to-action to book a party is key in getting multiple bookings at home parties. Turns out it works for Facebook parties, too. While you’re introducing the party or interacting with guests – make it clear that you will be giving away a prize and participation is required to be entered! You can do fun games like Bingo Simon Says, or even something simple like asking a question. This not only gets your guests interacting – but it also gives you a great idea for how to connect with them personally.

6. Survey!

There are tons of ways you can get a survey through to your guests and this is one of my biggest areas that I pay attention to. This gives you so much help in things like – Follow Ups, Creating repeat customers, and knowing how to tweak future events to be more user friendly.

7. Follow Up!

This is such an important step, I can’t stress that enough. You need to remind them of who you are and what they need. I always suggest doing it the following after noon or anytime after as long as it follows in the timeline of 7 days after the party. Ask if they had any questions, see if they are ready to check out, and you can tell them about any future events!

If you follow this general idea for the party you should be building your business in no time!! Don’t forget to grab your free Facebook Event PlannerFacebook Event Planning printable!