Facebook Party Themes and Tips to Get Your Guests Excited

Facebook Party Themes to Get Your Guests Excited

Hosting a Facebook Party? Hosting many? Get your guests pumped and ready for action with these great Facebook Party Themes!

Facebook Party Themes

Summer Themes

Summer Facebook Party Themes

Bright summer graphics, fun summer music, and summer related products will shine with any of these Facebook Party Summer Themes! Create “this or that” graphics and have attendees choose their favorite product to celebrate the seasons!

Here Comes the Sun


Fourth of July

Pool Party

Fall Themes

Fall Facebook Party Themes

Leaves crunching, weather getting cooler, clocks going back! Incorporate fall into your Facebook Parties by using any of the themes below! Create a fun graphic which asks your guests what their favorite part of fall is!

Harvest Time

Back to School

“Fall” Back

Winter Themes

Winter Facebook Party Themes

Winter is a special time to spend with friends and family. Use these Winter Facebook Themes as inspiration for your holiday online parties! Use a graphic that asks for the guests favorite seasonal song and add it to your Facebook party playlist!


Twinkling Lights

Gifts for All Occasions

Snow Day

“Baby it’s cold outside”

Spring Themes

Spring Facebook Party Themes

The days are getting lighter and the sun is shining brighter! Spring is the time to refresh and rejoice that warmer days are ahead! Have guests share their favorite part of the Spring Season! I know mine is longer, sunnier days!

Dad’s & Donuts

Celebrate Mom

Flowers & Blooms

Spring Clean

“I can see clearly now the rain has gone”

Steps to a Highly Successful Direct Sales Facebook Party

Choose a Theme

One way to think about a theme for your direct sales Facebook party is to think in terms of books, movies, TV shows, and any trending topics. Think of all the ideas out there! Harry Potter, Star Wars, Dr. Seuss, Golden Girls even!

Trending topics make great Facebook party theme ideas too. From award shows to the hot topic of the week (Starbucks unicorn frap anyone?), it is easy to turn one great idea into a direct sales Facebook theme party that will wow your hostess and the guests.

Create an Outline

The first thing you’ll want to do once you have chosen your Facebook party theme is to create a simple outline of how you want the party to go. From the pre-party posts to the actual party posts, it helps to write a timeline of how you want the party to flow and what information you want to include.

If you get a little stuck when it comes to this part, it helps to follow a proven direct sales Facebook party template that you can use time and time again. A successful repeatable Facebook party outline means you won’t ever have to wonder how to hit those month-end goals again!

Create Original Graphics

The graphics for your Facebook party are one of the key parts of having a successful direct sales Facebook party. Use your chosen Facebook party theme to create templates in Canva. Canva makes it super easy to do this! Choose a fun template to work with, change up the background, and start creating! All of my images and post pictures you see on this blog were ALL made with Canva!

Once you have these templates set for all of your Facebook party posts, you will easily be able to update the images and text on your graphics for each and every Facebook party you do. Make sure to include product images, fun games, and include a call to action on every post.

Focus on Call To Action Posts

With each of your posts in your Facebook theme party, you will want to ask the guests to do something. That might be to comment on their favorite item or answer a fun question related to your Facebook party theme. It is also a great idea to have your Facebook party guests to join your Facebook VIP Group and other social media channels.

The most important call to action is to have the Facebook party guests shop and engage with your products and company! Encourage questions, make personal recommendations, and above all, make it easy for someone to order. Explaining the ordering process is crucial and can mean the difference between someone ordering or not.

Engage with your audience, get your hostess involved, and use this theme Facebook party as a template for your next one! With the help of a scheduler, you will be able to repeat fabulous theme Facebook parties over and over again resulting in more monthly sales, social media growth, and potential new team members. Find some great hostesses and party on!


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