Creating a Family Command Center

Our lives are busy, this is why a command center can be just what you need.

We all know that! Sometimes, especially with multiple kids, we can get stuck in a pattern of rushing from one place to the next. This can lead to forgetting appointments, over scheduling, being late, etc. Making a family command center can help with this! You are making one spot that everyone can use to track their days. This can lead to their happiness, and your piece of mind.

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Family Command Center

Where to put it:

Find the Right Spot:
A zone that everyone passes through is the most effective: a corner in the kitchen, a nook in a hallway, or a centrally located home office. Shelves are key; if you don’t have built-ins, just use a bookcase.

Make Some Rules:
To keep this area from becoming an unloading zone, determine what belongs here and what doesn’t. What does belong? Items like bills, sports schedules, medical records, school papers with short-term relevance. These are important and critical to running your house. What doesn’t belong? Things like backpacks, 3-D art projects, magazines, newspapers. These are all extras and will just clutter your command center.

Take Care of the junk:
If there’s no plan for all of your junk and miscellaneous items, this will not work. Find other homes for all the bulky, random items that threaten your bliss.

Organizing is not for the weak:

Leave the hunk of metal in the past:
Most home filing cabinets are stuffed with documents that people no longer need. Have trouble purging? Get something like this Scanner Bin to organize receipts and anything you may not want to toss.

Color-Code Your Life:
In a portable acrylic file box, set up folders for different categories or family members. Label them in the way that makes the most sense to you: perhaps bills, work, play, keepsakes. For kids, school, sports, social. This Desktop Organizer is your go-to for floating papers—and the first place to look for that misplaced permission slip.

Befriend the Shredder:
A slim, shelf-size model Paper and Credit Card Shredder makes it easy to part with sensitive items you don’t need anymore.

Think Outside the Box:
We all love the look of neat, uniform boxes, but the truth is, they work best for long-term storage. 3″ Binders are a better choice for those ever evolving collections of paper, like decorating ideas or recipes, and they can hide in a magazine holder.

Analyze and Customize:
What’s cluttering up your paper life? Maybe your preschooler produces 10 drawings a day. Perhaps your teen gets a torrent of college mail. Stash excess papers in a deep, open bin on an easily accessible shelf.

Stash High and Low:
Stow critical items, like passports, birth certificates, and deeds, in a box marked personal documents and keep it on a high shelf. (You might want to use a metal firebox.) File office-supply staples, like computer paper, folders, and envelopes in something like a Letter Tray .

It’s all about aesthetic:

Decorate to Motivate:
What works for you? Flowers, a thoughtful quotation, pictures of faraway destinations? Accessorizing your command center is essential. If it’s not pleasant, you’ll avoid it, and chaos will ensue.

Think Grid, Not Collage:
The “bulletin board” part of your brain might be programmed to layer and fill, but a neat display will keep your mind calm. Hang items straight, with space around them. Edit regularly. Use an actual Bulletin Board Pretty invitations are worth saving, but after the party is over, transfer them to your keepsakes folder. Toss expired schedules or school notices ASAP.

Take Charge of Charging:
New rule: Instead of putting devices to bed in bedrooms (where they can disturb slumber), the kids need to dock their electronics in a communal caddy. A well-designed model can hold a laptop and three phones and keep their charging cords under wraps. With such a small footprint (10 by 5 inches), it leaves room for a second caddy if needed.

Make Cords Disappear:
Not to make it all about looks, but an uncluttered command center is an inviting, high-functioning space. Hide lengths of cord (from the lamp or a laptop, say) on the floor in a Mini Cable Management that plugs into the wall.

Ride the Wireless Wave:
Another way to tame cords is to remove them completely. A wireless keyboard, mouse, and printer (which lets you stream info even from your iPhone) is like a Xanax for your work zone.

Avoiding disaster:

Improve In-Box Etiquette:
Allow only the most current items to take up precious space in your in-box. And ensure that anything that hits that spot has a destiny—folder, box, binder, shredder—or back to the kids to return to school.

Set Up Desk Dates:
The hard truth is that it takes time to deal with paperwork. Want an in-box that’s delightfully uncluttered? Set aside an hour a week to sort and file, either in four 15-minute chunks or one 60-minute sit down. Add it to your calendar.

After all of that, you should have a great family command center! Got yours all set up? Send me a picture of it so I can put it in our newsletter or on a pinterest board!


What’s a Bullet Journal, and How Can It Help You Stick To Your Goals?

Bullet Journals: The Newest Craze in Organization

What are they? A bullet journal is an analog system designated to track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future.

Bullet Journals

Materials You Will Need:
Spiral Notebook
Understanding a Bullet Journal

1) Indexes-
Give your entries a topic, and update the index with topics, and pages that include that topic.

2) Collections
Future Log:write down future events
Monthly: Organize your month with calendars and tasks
Daily: Used on day to day basis.
Others: notes, goals, shopping, workouts, etc.

3) Rapid Logging-
Short form notations (bullets!)

4) Migration-
Updating constantly. Your bullet journal is ever evolving like you!

Now that you know what a bullet journal is, let’s talk about why it’s so important to your success!

1) It’s Easy to Set-up And Customize

With a bullet journal, you won’t need to buy an expensive planning system or download a fancy app to your smartphone. Instead, all you need is a notebook and a pen or pencil. Because it is such a simple system, you can customize it for your needs and preferences.

2) It’s a Great Way to Stay Organized

Bullet journaling helps you stay in the habit of recording and checking off important tasks and goals, your bullet journal will keep all areas of your life organized. Remember, it’s a simple notebook and pen, you can take it with you everywhere you go!

3) It Reduces the Stress and Give You a Place to Put Your Thoughts

You may find the biggest benefit of using a bullet journal is that it frees up your memory and allows you to focus on important tasks. You’ll be surprised how much difference this will make in your productivity.

Now that we have talked about everything you need to know, let’s get you some great ideas!


Yearly Resolutions
Monthly Goals
Goal Tracker
1 Year Goals
5 Year Goals
101 Goals in 1,001 Days
Daily Goals/Top 3
Weekly Focus – Goals


Daily “To-Do” List
Bucket List
Movies to See
Favorite Movies to Watch
Restaurants to Try
Books to Read
Vocabulary to Learn
Places to Visit/Travel
Weekly To-Do list
Priorities list


Yearly Calendar
Monthly Calendar
Weekly Calendar
Daily Planner
Family Schedule
Challenge Tracker (21-Day Challenge, 7-Day goal)
Brainstorming Page
Home Renovation Projects
Morning/Evening Routines
Important Dates
Special Dates
Vacation Planner
Places to Go/Places to Visit


Editorial Calendar
Blog Post Ideas
Social Media Tracking
Blog Deadlines/Schedule
Courses to Take/Complete
Products to Create
Post Ideas


Meal Planning
Master Meal List
Favorite Recipes
Recipes to Try
Things That Make You Happy
Migraine Tracker
Sleep Tracker
Food Tracker
Ideas for Self-Care
Healthy Habits
Stress Relief
Exercise Plan/Routines
Water Tracker
Favorite hobbies
Ways to Relax


Class Schedule
Class Assignments
Classes to Take
Completion plan


Ideas Page
Inspiring Quotes/Favorite quotes
Thought for the Day
Life milestones/accomplishments
Write Your Favorite Bible Verses
List of Favorite Bible Verses
Scriptures to Memorize
Things to Learn
Gratitude Page
Favorite Things
Wishes/Things You Love
Things to try/Things to do
Favorite Song/Music
Favorite Musicians
Plans for Your Dream Home
Ideas for Your Garden

Have a bullet journal that you’ve been working on? I’d love to see pictures! Comment below with your stuff!



Alright, so after doing this blog thing for a while- I need to rave about something. Daily Planners.

I am telling the god-honest truth when I say I live out of mine. My work schedule, my daughter’s school schedule, my appointments, even my food journal- ALL IN MY PLANNER. I’ve always been this way. It started when I got my first homework planner supplied to me by my middle school. I was HOOKED after that. And, after years of searching (and even hand making my own) I have FINALLY found one that meets all of my standards. Plum Paper is an amazing company who personalizes planners, and I am here to tell you all about them! CHECK THEM OUT HERE


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  1. You have a variety of add ons to choose from!
    • Meal Planning
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    • The planners are wrapped in bubblewrap for extra assurances
    • Planners are made from VERY sturdy material

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Happy Holidays Ya’ll!