Monthly Healthy Habits

Did you know that around 90% of New Year’s resolutions are about healthier habits/self improvement?

If you are included in this statistic – you know as well as anyone that sometimes they can be hard to stick to. But it doesn’t have to be! Getting a healthier lifestyle is just around the corner!

Healthier Lifestyle

The biggest tip I can give you for wanting to be healthier, is to not dive in all at once. Gradually improve yourself. Make yourself 1% better today than you were yesterday. Here is a 12 month outline of little steps to take each month. Then by the end of the year – it’s a newer(and healthier) you!


Drink More Water. Water is the healthiest thing for you! The benefits of drinking a good amount of water daily are astronomical. Do yourself, and your body, a favor – and make this a habit first.


Make Breakfast a Priority. You’ve all heard the saying “it’s the most important meal of the day.” That’s because it’s true! What you eat for breakfast (or that you eat it at all) sets the tone for the rest of your day.


Get More Sleep During the Week. This is another thing that our bodies function at 100% with. Getting enough sleep a night leads to a great day. Best to get around 7 or 8 hours.


Start a Food Journal (bullet journals work great for this!) This helps in a lot of ways as well. You can track what you eat and how it makes you feel. You’ll start to notice that the healthier foods make you feel, well, healthier! A journal can also help with calorie counting, if that’s a method you use.


Go For A Walk 3 Times a Week. Do I really need to explain the benefits to this one? Walking is healthy! Get out there and do it. Need motivation? Download the Pokemon Go app!


Eat More Fruits/ Veggies. This will help with both being healthier and losing weight!


Downsize Your Plates. Same as above!


Go Meatless for 1 Month. This doesn’t mean committing to being a vegetarian. Although, I would imagine some may consider that route if you go meatless for an entire month.


Find a Workout Buddy. It’s easier (and more fun) to work out if you have someone to do it with. Be accountability buddies and keep each other on track!


Eat Slowly. Slower eating leads to faster metabolism, less risk of choking, and you feel more full with less bites because your giving your stomach a chance to catch up.


Unplug an Hour Before Bedtime. Bright lights are BAD for you in the dark. But, that’s not the most important reason why. This gives your brain a chance to connect to your surroundings and it can register “hey, it’s getting darker, bedtime!”


Reflect on the Year. Make notes on the things you were proud of, things you improved, what you think needs more improvement. Etc.

Monthly Healthy Habits

What steps are you taking for a better year? Comment below with some of your ideas!


What’s a Bullet Journal, and How Can It Help You Stick To Your Goals?

Bullet Journals: The Newest Craze in Organization

What are they? A bullet journal is an analog system designated to track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future.

Bullet Journals

Materials You Will Need:
Spiral Notebook
Understanding a Bullet Journal

1) Indexes-
Give your entries a topic, and update the index with topics, and pages that include that topic.

2) Collections
Future Log:write down future events
Monthly: Organize your month with calendars and tasks
Daily: Used on day to day basis.
Others: notes, goals, shopping, workouts, etc.

3) Rapid Logging-
Short form notations (bullets!)

4) Migration-
Updating constantly. Your bullet journal is ever evolving like you!

Now that you know what a bullet journal is, let’s talk about why it’s so important to your success!

1) It’s Easy to Set-up And Customize

With a bullet journal, you won’t need to buy an expensive planning system or download a fancy app to your smartphone. Instead, all you need is a notebook and a pen or pencil. Because it is such a simple system, you can customize it for your needs and preferences.

2) It’s a Great Way to Stay Organized

Bullet journaling helps you stay in the habit of recording and checking off important tasks and goals, your bullet journal will keep all areas of your life organized. Remember, it’s a simple notebook and pen, you can take it with you everywhere you go!

3) It Reduces the Stress and Give You a Place to Put Your Thoughts

You may find the biggest benefit of using a bullet journal is that it frees up your memory and allows you to focus on important tasks. You’ll be surprised how much difference this will make in your productivity.

Now that we have talked about everything you need to know, let’s get you some great ideas!


Yearly Resolutions
Monthly Goals
Goal Tracker
1 Year Goals
5 Year Goals
101 Goals in 1,001 Days
Daily Goals/Top 3
Weekly Focus – Goals


Daily “To-Do” List
Bucket List
Movies to See
Favorite Movies to Watch
Restaurants to Try
Books to Read
Vocabulary to Learn
Places to Visit/Travel
Weekly To-Do list
Priorities list


Yearly Calendar
Monthly Calendar
Weekly Calendar
Daily Planner
Family Schedule
Challenge Tracker (21-Day Challenge, 7-Day goal)
Brainstorming Page
Home Renovation Projects
Morning/Evening Routines
Important Dates
Special Dates
Vacation Planner
Places to Go/Places to Visit


Editorial Calendar
Blog Post Ideas
Social Media Tracking
Blog Deadlines/Schedule
Courses to Take/Complete
Products to Create
Post Ideas


Meal Planning
Master Meal List
Favorite Recipes
Recipes to Try
Things That Make You Happy
Migraine Tracker
Sleep Tracker
Food Tracker
Ideas for Self-Care
Healthy Habits
Stress Relief
Exercise Plan/Routines
Water Tracker
Favorite hobbies
Ways to Relax


Class Schedule
Class Assignments
Classes to Take
Completion plan


Ideas Page
Inspiring Quotes/Favorite quotes
Thought for the Day
Life milestones/accomplishments
Write Your Favorite Bible Verses
List of Favorite Bible Verses
Scriptures to Memorize
Things to Learn
Gratitude Page
Favorite Things
Wishes/Things You Love
Things to try/Things to do
Favorite Song/Music
Favorite Musicians
Plans for Your Dream Home
Ideas for Your Garden

Have a bullet journal that you’ve been working on? I’d love to see pictures! Comment below with your stuff!


New Year, New You: Day 2 – Family HQ Binders

Welcome to our second New You!

Yesterday we talked about a 31 day house de-clutter program. Today we are going to tackle the next thing in being organized for a great 2017!

Having a “family headquarters” binder is extrememly healthful in being organized.

Here are some items you will need to make your binder:
Binder, 1-1/2″
Ballpoint Pens

Once you’ve got all your materials, you can put together your binder!!

Here are some things you will want to include:
Emergency Info
Medical Info
For the Sitter
Grocery List
and more!

Here is a set of Family Binder Printables to get you started!

Family HQ Binder

Let me know how your binder goes, and what tabs you may have put in it by commenting below!!

Good luck with your binder!

Saying Goodbye to The Tower of Terror

Those who know me, know I absolutely love Disney. Specifically, Disneyland.

That place has been a really great bubble during some tough times for me.

That’s why when I heard their Tower of Terror would be getting torn down (don’t worry, the original in Disney World still exists!) I was so sad. I thought we would send it out in style 🙂

Here are some fun facts about the beloved ride:

  1. Our Walt Disney Imagineers viewed 156 episodes of “The Twilight Zone” for inspiration when creating The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.
  2. The ride vehicle is an elevator car.
  3. The storyline of the attraction sets the date as Halloween night – October 31, 1939.
  4. The architecture of the tower was inspired by multiple Southern California landmarks, such as the Biltmore Hotel and the Mission Inn.
  5. The building features 27,000 roof tiles
  6. The outdoor queue area features the songs “Inside” by Fats Waller and “Mood Indigo” by Duke Ellington.
  7. The grounds of the Hollywood Tower Hotel were inspired by the look of California’s Griffith Park and Elysian Park.
  8. The lobby of the Hollywood Tower Hotel was outfitted with antiques and furniture purchased at Los Angeles-area auction houses.
  9. Some of the sculptures featured in the lobby are the work of 19th century sculptor Auguste Moreau.
  10. A copy of “Four Pages of Hilarious Star Caricatures by Walt Disney” is featured in Photoplay Magazine on the lobby’s concierge desk.
  11. The Library room features a hidden nod to Mickey Mouse in the sheet music, which is for the song “What! No Mickey Mouse?”
  12. The clip of film in which Rod Serling introduces the attraction was taken from a “Twilight Zone” episode called “It’s a Good Life.”
  13. While actor Rod Serling appears in the film in the Library room, the voice you hear is actually voice actor Mark Silverman.
  14. The scenes of the family going in the elevator are from a Disney Channel Movie about the Hollywood Hotel. You will recognize some well known actors- Kirsten Dunst and Steve Guttenberg
  15. The young girl who disappears in the elevator in the scene, was also in a well known tv show- Boy Meets World
  16. The attraction’s “Fifth Dimension” scene was inspired in part by the “Little Girl Lost” episode of “The Twilight Zone.”
  17. The attraction offers a 13-story drop.
  18. The drop sequence for each elevator car is selected at random by the attraction’s computer system.The question isn’t, “Will my elevator drop?” but “How many times?” as the sophisticated and complex computer system running this attraction chooses for you. Yes, that creepy old Hollywood Tower Hotel is in control of your drop destiny. This is a far cry from the original attraction that debuted in 1994 with only one big fall! Because the computer system randomly generates the number of drops, the only true guarantee is that you will plummet more than once!
  19. There will now be only 3 Tower of Terror attractions at Disney Parks: Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Walt Disney World Resort), Walt Disney Studios Park (Paris), and Tokyo DisneySea (Tokyo – pictured above) each have their own version.
  20. You are not actually free falling. As you plummet downwards, you get the sensation that you are freefalling. You are, in fact, falling at a rate FASTER than the speed of gravity as your AGV (Autonomous Guided Vehicle) is being controlled by motors and pulled up and down by cables.
  21. Can You Find Mickey? Look closely. Navigating the Hollywood Tower Hotel with a keen eye will reward you with several Hidden Mickeys. Study the antique lamp resting on the concierge desk in the lobby. Let your eyes wander the walls in the boiler room where you’ll find a familiarly shaped water stain. The little girl in the footage is holding a Mickey Mouse doll and you might even notice the Fifth Dimension scene with swirling stars forming a Hidden Mickey just before they disappear. These are just some of the many Hidden Mickeys to discover!
  22. The Cast Members working this attraction wear costumes made to resemble a 1930s bellhop. Masterfully designed with incredible attention to detail, the cost of a single bellhop costume runs over a thousand US dollars, making it one of the most expensive Cast Member costumes on property.
  23. The corridor scene which reveals the slowly motioning apparitions of the five individuals trapped in the Fifth Dimension is created using the same technique found during the ballroom scene of dancing ghosts in The Haunted Mansion attraction. Coined Pepper’s Ghost, this trick employs simple mirroring techniques which help create the illusion of three-dimensional, translucent “ghosts.”
  24. Ever noticed that the plaque next to the lobby’s concierge desk reveals that the Hollywood Tower Hotel was awarded 13 diamonds from AAA, when in fact the highest AAA rating a hotel can receive is 5 diamonds? Perhaps you noticed the sheet music resting beneath an old trumpet in the Library room which reads the music for the song listed at the top, “What! No Mickey Mouse?” You’ll find a copy of “Four Pages of Hilarious Star Caricatures by Walt Disney” featured in Photoplay Magazine on the lobby’s concierge desk. The lobby is outfitted with many genuine antiques and furniture, won in auction houses for use in this attraction. There is a Mahjong game on a table in the lobby, set in an accurate manner to give the impression that it had been abandoned mid-game. These intricate details prove that there are many fascinating things to uncover while standing and waiting in the queue.

How many of those fun facts did you already know? Do you have some fun facts I didn’t mention? Leave a comment below to compare!

For now we say so-long to the Tower of Terror in California. I guess it’s time to make a trip out to Disney World!


P.S Did you know that in Facebook chat you can type “ToT” and a crying emoji will show? Awww, Mark Zuckerburg, you do care!

Have a great rest of your Tuesday,

New Year, New You – Day 1: 31 Day Clutter Detox

We’ve all been there….

The clock strikes 12 on a brand new year, and we are all filled with hope for the new possibilities. Our minds race with all the things we can do differently, do better. For the month of January I wanted to take the time to focus on this. Focus on the things we always talk about changing – but never really get around to it. Not everything in this series will be for you- and that’s okay. Don’t get overwhelmed thinking you have to change every aspect of your life. Pick a top 5, top 3, or heck even just 1 thing you want to work on. And then… DO IT!

Today we are going to focus on our homes, and the thing that makes them toxic for us. Clutter. I have made a 31 Day Clutter Detox, and I want to share it all with YOU!

The easiest and most efficient way is to systematically go through the room. Make piles from every room.

Pile 1- Keep
This pile needs to be things that are still all together, working (or have a warranty still active), have sentimental value, etc.

Pile 2- Donate
Things that are still mostly all together, no sentimental value, still usable but you don’t want to keep.

Pile 3- Trash
Broken (without a warranty), Old, expired, used up, stained, etc.

You can also always have a garage sale with the donate pile, and then donate the leftovers!!

Happy Decluttering,

24 DIYs of Christmas: DIY # 24

Hey everyone, Welcome to our LAST DIY!

I found this AWESOME DIY from a fellow blogger! And since I am a huge nerd myself- this was perfect.

Harry Potter Potion Ornaments

A little about Harry Potter Potions and Uses

Polyjuice Potion | This potion is made by putting in one item from the person/creature you want to turn into. It allows you turn into whoever/whatever you desire.

Felix Felicis Potion | Also known as “Liquid Luck”, this potion is meant to be used sparingly. This potion makes the person drinking it lucky for a period of time, during which everything they attempt will be successful.

Veritaserum | The perfect truth serum. This potion is meant to force the drinker to answer any questions asked of them truthfully.

Amortentia | This is the most powerful love potion around. This potion causes the person drinking it to have a strong obsession or infatuation.

To make this you will need:

Fillable Ornament
Glitter Glue
Warm Water
Food Color Set
Hot Glue Gun (with adult supervision)

Step One: Fill your ornaments 1/3- 1/2 the way full with warm water.

Step Two: Add food coloring and glitter to each ornament (Green for Polyjuice, Yellow for Felix Felicis, Just white glitter for Veritaserum, Red for Amortentia)

Step Three: Hold a towel over the top of the ornament, and shake to dissolve everything inside.

Step Four: With a hot glue gun, seal the lid over everything, make sure there are NO HOLES!

Step Five: Print out labels. You can find some from the original blogger of this DIY- Lemon Lime Adventures

Voila!! A great ornament for your tree!

Happy Holidays and Have a Happy New Year!