As we all know, raising a family can sometimes (okay always) lead to a messy house. Once the kids get to an appropriate age, you can start having them pitch in with the work! It can be a struggle to get everyone on the same page when it comes to housework. Having a good sit-down talk with your kids and other household members is a great way to help everyone see what needs to be done!

When it’s time for that dreaded family meeting about chores, just remember- not everyone may have the same standards as you. A formal meeting/sit down talk can be a great way to avoid miscommunications and get everyone on the same page. Not sure what to go over for the meeting? Follow this easy and simple outline:

1. Make your needs (a cleaner house) clear. It’s best if you don’t beat around the bush or try to play nice with the fact that house is a mess and it needs to change. You don’t have to strong arm anyone (hopefully!) Just make it clear. The house will feel better when it’s cleaned and if everyone is pitching in!

2. Use a list If someone has a physical piece of paper (or an app) in front of them- it is much easier to memorize what needs to be done. I even made a simple and easy to use tracker that you can use! Just head over to My Shop and grab the family bundle!

3. Do a house walk-through This is the best way to ensure that everyone understands what each task on your list means. It’s also a really good way to see if you missed anything!

4. Use a reward system! Reward systems are great to use for motivation! There are so many different kind of rewards you can do. Money, activities, trips. Some families even use the reverse, and they take away stuff if the chore hasn’t been done. I personally don’t use it, I think it’s best to keep things in a positive frame.

With that general layout- you should have a relatively smooth family talk. Remember to be open to suggestions and comments. Maybe someone has a more efficient way of doing it?

Not sure what chores are appropriate for your different aged children? Here is a great guideline:

Remember- It’s a process. Don’t be angry or frustrated if not everyone gets it right away!

Happy Cleaning 🙂

~ Bre


One thing every parent can agree on? Leaving kids with a sitter, especially a new sitter, can be hard. But it really doesn’t have to be! Just remember, everyone deserves a break every once in a while!

There comes a time in every parent’s life where we deal with the struggle and nerves about leaving the kids with a sitter. Thought it was just you? Not a chance! Here are some things you can do:

1. Join Care.com if you are in the process of choosing a sitter. They have a great track record of being able to fit you with a sitter that meets your unique needs. You can give details about the job, screen for applicants, and even do background checks-all on one site!
2. If they are old enough, talk to your kids about what to expect for the night. Having prepared kids is almost as important as hiring the right sitter. Let them know where you will be(within reason). Let them know when to be prepared to see you again. And make sure they know the rules! If it helps, you can create a small reward system for when they behave for the sitter.
3. Fill out a “For the Sitter” form. I have made a great template that you can find in Shop!
4. Give the sitter their own form to fill out It is great to have a visual report on how your kids were. Some important things to make sure they mention? The MOODS your kids were in is really important to know. It can help you with making sure they are better adjusted next time!
5. Enjoy yourself! Happy parents will always be much better for the kids. Us staying relaxed and taken care of are both very important in making sure your kids are taken care of.

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