Meet Bre

Have you been wondering about the Creative Ninjaneer behind it all – well, meet Bre!

Well, that’s me! I started from a love of organizing and it quickly grew into a love for design and creativity. If you are looking for helping with Branding or Marketing – you have come to the right place! Here is a quick over-view of my services and prices. If you don’t see a service listed – feel free to reach out! I would love to talk about doing something new and unique with you. Know what you want? Head over to book an appointment and get started! Still have questions about why you should use The Hello Mamma for your branding needs? Keep reading!

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I Am More Than Just a Graphic Interface

I am a creative artist with the passion and vision to breathe new life into your business. I know first hand how important a brand, style, or event a font can be to a business. This experience is so different from those cookie cutter “place image here” websites. I interact and grow the branding with you. This leads to a much more organic brand – therefore making you feel more organic to your potential client base.

Connection is Key

My personalized, professional approach is about building a relationship of trust that lets you know that you are in good hands. I don’t just focus on completing a design project. I focus on connecting with you in order to really understand you and your company’s needs. This starts from the branding worksheet, to communications, and even past the final product. Almost all of my clients have stayed with me because they want some who has understood and grown with them from the beginning.

Creative Professionalism

I don’t just provide superior creative services to my clients, I also provide structured project direction. Together we will create an innovative and detailed road map enabling you to achieve the desired results for your design goals. That can be something as “small” as your e-mail signature to something as grand as a roadside billboard. The creative possibilities are so infinite!

I’m Not Passionate about What I Do – I Do What I’m Passionate About

To some, there may not seem like a difference there. But – trust me – there is. I didn’t find a job and then tailor myself to fit it. I didn’t do any pep talks or “learn to love” my job. Instead, I followed what I was already passionate about. I’m passionate about helping clients to overcome their design challenges and achieve their design goals. Whether you are a small, mid-sized or large business, I am committed to creating inspiring visual solutions customized to help build the growth and success of your company. Small terms? I am passionate about making you look GREAT!

Interested? Take my test to figure out what Brand Archetype you are and scroll passed your results to reach out for a one-on-one consultation!