Get Your Health and Wellness On!

Get Your Health and Wellness On!

It’s time to take your weight loss and kick into high gear!

1. Understand the many factors that lead to weight gain and loss

It can be tough to lose weight when you don’t really understand what’s happening to your body. In this series – I will cover a huge variety of factors that lead to weight gain and weight loss.

2. Take that knowledge and use it!

For every reason you gain weight – there is a way to lose it! I will show you easy, cheap, and even fun solutions to fight that weight!

3. 100% Honest

I know as well as anyone out there – that hype is sometimes just that – hype. I will show you the good AND bad about every single product I show you. Remember, everyone is different. You may experience a different journey. But, there is no reason to go into it completely blindfolded!!



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Doing the workouts? Here are some basic tips to maximize your workout!

1. Drink more water on workout days.
2. Banish any foods that are high in salt.
3. Stretch before AND after any workout.
4. Bananas and granola are great before a workout.
5. Drink a protein shake or eat fruit after a workout.

Here are some great supplies to get you started on your journey!
1. Yoga Mat
2. 20-Pound Dumbbell Set
3. Insulated Water Bottle
4. Morefit Fitness Tracker
5. Fitbit Flex 2
6. Fitbit Smart Fitness Watch

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