What Brand Archetype Are You?

What Brand Archetype Are You?

Every business falls under a brand archetype. When a brand is dominant in one archetype, it resonates with that part of our psyche. Who are you attracting?

A handy way to understand archetypes is to think of them as different segments of our own psyche. We all have a piece of each inside of us. When a brand is dominant in a particular archetype, it resonates with that part of our psyche (and at times can even awaken it within us). As a business or brand, it’s all about creating a connection that speaks to your target audience. But, more than that – it’s also about making a connection to yourself. No one wants to wake up every morning to run a business that feels uncomfortable or against the grain. Combine who YOU are with you want your AUDIENCE to be. You can’t go wrong!

What are the archetypes? After years of research, interviews, seminars, classes, etc – I have been able to narrow down to 12 key archetypes. 12 that no matter who you are or what your business is, you will boil down to one of these 12.

The Creator  |  The Ruler |  The Innocent |  The Jester
The Outlaw |  The Everyman |  The Caregiver | The Magician
The Sage |  The Explorer  |  The Lover | The Hero

Take this quiz to see what Brand Archetype you fall into! Get in touch with me so we can build your brand to be tailor-fitted to YOU! There are 12 choices for each question, so be sure to read them all before choosing! Often more than one answer will fit, but ultimately one will surpass the rest. Look inside. There are no right or wrong answers. There are only YOU answers! If you haven’t already, book an appointment with me once you’ve gotten your archetype!