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I Dare You To Go For Your Dreams, Work With Me To Do It!

Before you decide to work with me, I wanted to tell you a little bit of how I got here. Some of you may think that I’ve always had my whole life together. Running an organization blog, how could I not? But, the truth is, I have struggled. I have been at that point where I was wondering where my food was going to come from. Worried that my car was going to be repossessed. Obsessing over finding any little break that could help. I had tried a few different home business, none of them panned out. I would go full throttle and then burn out in the first month or two because I wasn’t motivated to do anything efficiently.

Then, I found It Works.

It all started because I had really bad stretch marks from my daughter. Although, I think I prefer to call them Tiger Stripes. I didn’t feel good about myself and because of that I got really depressed. I saw a friend post about the Wrap on Facebook and i was curious. I asked her a few (hundred) questions and ended up doing a Facebook party with her so I could get a free wrap to try. The wrap came, and I was ASTONISHED. It wasn’t a miracle by a long shot. I’m not going to tell you everything will be cured from one or even two wraps. But, seeing quick results was exactly the boost I needed. I realized it was possible.

I ordered more and more…

I’ve tried almost every product that applies to me. And, I had posted a few times about it which got my friends’ attention. So, I asked my distributor if I could give her info to them so they could buy from her. What she did next was amazing and I am thankful every day that I did it. She told me that instead of taking the clients for herself, she would help me set up my own business and then sign on those friends as my own clients. I was shocked. Here was a company where their #1 priority is not to make money for themselves. It’s to help and inspire. I quickly signed up and then got those girls under me as clients.

The best part about that? I sold 4 wraps in my first week which covered my start up cost. EVERYTHING I EARNED FROM THERE ON OUT WAS PURE PROFIT!! I’m not going to tell you i’m a millionaire. But, what I do have is a steady business. Sure, some months I do a little better than others. But, it’s always there. It’s steady and slowly growing.

Now, I want to help YOU get the same thing.

I’m sure you have a few questions by now. I am here to answer them! Here is some FAQ:

Can I actually earn money doing this?
You could at MINIMUM pay back your investment and with a little hard work – you could get up to $1,000 in your first month. Especially if you follow my great marketing plan. If you do this part time or less than part time, you may hit a cap of around $3,000 a month. But, that alone is so worth it! The freedom you have is perfect because you only answer to yourself. You put in what you want to and you will see results that reflect that. Here is an income statement from 2015.

It Works Income Statement 2015

I know others who are selling. Why should I sign up if all that business is taken?
I cannot stress the answer to this enough. There will ALWAYS be enough business to go around. Especially since you can have clients from all over the country (and a few other countries as well)

Wait… this sounds like network marketing. I don’t want to sign up for a pyramid scheme!
First off, let me say this. If this was a “scheme” my bank account would be at zero. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Why? Because pyramid schemes are circled around fake money and fake investments. They make false promises and inflate the market to make it appear as if they were doing well. This is a real company, with real people, and REAL results!

It’s starting to sound great, but can I do well if i’ve never sold anything before?
That’s fine! I am not looking for a salesperson. I am looking for people who will fall in love with the product and be living proof of how amazing they are! Remember when you went to your favorite restuarant? And you posted that picture of you food. I want you to do that, the only difference is – with us you will get PAID for it!

Do I only make money from commissions?

No! We have so many great bonuses that there is always a different and fun way to earn your money. Here are some of the basics on our different bonuses:

Quick Cash! You can make $25-$35 off each wrap. Whether you wrap people or sell wraps. Ideally you want to wrap people because this way you’ve got potential customers and distributors! Who doesn’t like cash?!!!

Wrap Rewards – For every 2 loyal customers that join you, you can purchase a box of wraps for $25, no shipping. Again, use these wraps to wrap people or sell them and you can make at least $75 cash off each box!! Now that’s some sa-weeeet cash!

Retail – Your commission from each retail sale is the difference between the retail price and the loyal customer price of a product. For example, wraps ($99 retail/$59 loyal customer)…you make $40 from each Retail Sale of a box of wraps.

Loyal Customer – You make 15% off every Loyal Customer purchase.

Downline % (Distributors you signed up) – 10% from the first level, 10% from your second level, then 5% from your next 3 levels. As you level up, you can make an additional 2% from every level…to infinity! It adds up quickly!

Fast Start Bonus – For every new distributor you enroll that gets 2 loyal customers in their first 30 days, you get a $100 bonus. Cha-Ching!! You can earn this bonus for EVERY new distributor and increases an additional $80 once you make the level of Diamond.

Loyal Customer Bonus – You can earn this $600 bonus when you get 60 active loyal customers! You will earn this bonus EVERY month you qualify for the bonus.

Would your employer pay you an extra $600 each month just to help 60 customers??? NOT!

Residual Income: You money from your down line (people you personally bring into the company), their LC’s, their Distributors, etc, etc, etc…it keeps going. Don’t worry – it doesn’t take it out of their commission. It just adds to yours!

Great! How do I start?

It’s super easy! There is one time enrollment fee of $99 plus shipping. Once enrolled you are able to sell any products we have. Sell those first 4 wraps you receive for your enrollment and BAM! You should made make your investment back. Now, everything else is profit.

What comes in the business starter kit you keep mentioning?
Here is what you can expect in your business starter kit:

  • 1 box of It Works Body Wraps (Ultimate Body Applicators – 4 Count)
  • Blitz Cards (promotional business cards/coupons)
  • Catalogs
  • Success from Home Magazine (Full Feature of It Works)
  • Other promotional and marketing materials
  • Success on Demand (one of, if not the largest Personal Development video/audio/text library)
  • Four Samples of Defining Gel
  • Fab Wrap
It Works Distributor Starter Kit

Remember: You will get back what you put in! I can teach you how to make money….if you can follow instructions you will start earning quick! I commend you for being smart and getting more information so you can make an informed decision about your future and the future of your family. If you want more out of life then this is the right business for you!!!! If you are sick of living paycheck to paycheck…teachable and ready to make a change for you and your family…you’re in the right place!

It Works Motivation

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XO, Bre